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--- Unreal Tournament ---


Ah, Unreal Tournament--the game I hated until the day I tried it (for free, it came with my Voodoo 3). 

I was pissed at the greed of the big companies when I first heard about the oncoming rush of multiplayer-only FPS games.  All of a sudden, there were sequels due for Turok (Rage Wars), Quake (Arena), and Unreal (Tournament), and NONE of them had single-player modes.  I was never a very big multiplayer guy, and I was determined to pass on all of them.  Obviously they'd gotten lazy, because the single-player game is so much more work!  The multiplayer portion was supposed to be a FREE extra.

It turns out I was wrong.  Sort of.  Unreal Tournament was so much better than Unreal's multiplayer mode that I couldn't put it down.  Not only that, both of us got into level editing to the point that, for a while,  we'd only play the game to test out our own levels.  Here are a few screens, and below them are links to the actual levels, for anyone still playing UT:

HeartofStone.jpg (163904 bytes)        SpaceMine.jpg (80643 bytes)

              CTF - Heart of Stone                                        DM - SpaceMine

            DM - Longyard


The Heart of Stone level is a very large CTF Map.  I spent a lot of time on that one, getting all the bot paths to work, making everything look as nice as possible.  With a cutting-edge machine of the day and age, it ran at at least 30fps in every room, from every angle, but could go lower than that in actual fights.  These days, I don't imagine it would be a problem.


SpaceMine is a level originally inspired by The Longest Yard (below), but what I wanted to add were asteroids colliding in space around the level.  After a ton of messing around with how UT moves objects, I ended up with mines hitting the level instead.  After a hell of a lot more working with timed events and movers, etc, I got the level working pretty damn well, and the details and geometry optimized to work on mid-level machines of the time.  Only to find out that, even on a LAN, the UT engine can't handle that many moving objects and events over a network.  It was things like this (and even more ambitious stuff that wouldn't work) that ended my UT level editing.  SpaceMine kind of sucks unless you're playing by yourself vs. bots (lame).   Maybe today, with our powerhouse machines, on a gigabit LAN, it would work right...


LongYard is a built-from-scratch "conversion" of a Quake III Arena level called The Longest Yard.  I know there are a couple of other people's versions of that as well floating around.  It's got Shock Rifles in place where Q3A had Shotguns, and I've been told the Flak Cannon would be a better choice in UT.  If anyone actually plays this level enough to care, e-mail me and I'd be happy to swap the weapons out.



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